SALES: It’s not about the product, nor the client…

Yes. You read it correctly! Selling begun by putting and pushing the product to clients, using all tools (evil and good) to get the sale. It evolved throughout the years, to focus on the client. “Get in bed with your client” was one of the mantras we were taught 8-10 years ago to become great sales people. But now, it’s neither about the product, nor the client. Sales have evolved, and so did a few sales people, who have managed to ascend this level, and become something else.

They have realized that being a sales person is not enough. Instead, they have managed to identify what is that people look for, what it is that people will pay more, what it is that will create a lasting impression with potential clients. Successful sales people have acknowledged and identified this change, and that’s why they can succeed in various/multiple industries.

But how do we do it? What is it that these sales people have realized, that enables them to do so? In a marketplace that is overflooded with similar products and similar services, what will be the thing that will set us apart?

What will truly distinguish us from the flock, and take us to that next level, is when we make a conscious commitment to go from “Product/Service sales person”, to “Experiential Seller”.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” (Aggelou M.)

Regardless of what it is we are selling, our focus should be on the experience and not the transaction. Whilst most sales people focus on the transaction, they are forgetting that there is a whole journey that the client gets involved in, prior to that. Identifying the journey, and the key points of that journey, we can truly give the client an experience that will elevate us in their eyes, in terms of what it is we are offering beyond the mere product or service at hand. And guess what? Even if the transaction doesn’t go through, the clients are likely to stick with us, simply because of the experience they are having.

Did you know that when asked, 73% of clients said they were happy to pay more for a better experience?

The unique journey, the experience, the critical moments in the way, are all playing a crucial role in creating memories for the clients, feelings, that cannot be replicated by other sales people. Identify these moments, and focus on delivering a memorable experience to your potential clients. A sale, is just the natural outcome of these tailor-made experiences.


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